2 new entries in the video gallery

The latest two animations I did for The City of Stockholm (via Blomquist AB) are up in the video gallery. Have a look! 🙂

Also I’m thinking about putting up some of my photography here, but I can’t decide if I should have it as a separate page, or just a separate section on the Image Gallery page. Decisions, decisions… 😉

Video quality update

You know what, never mind my earlier post! ;P I actually found out how to solve my issues with the video quality on Vimeo, and it has nothing to do with encoding or uploading to Vimeo, it was all in my own computer!  Turns out that Vimeo does HTML5 video, and that’s hardware accelerated. So the video appearance will depend on the settings of the graphics card of each users computer. And for some reason my settings for hardware accelerated video were to not use the full dynamic spectrum available, making the whites appear light grey and the blacks appear dark grey. But it’s all fixed now! At least for me, I have no control over how it will look on any visitors screen.. 😛

More on video quality

Seems like I managed to fix the muddy colors issue on Vimeo video, but I’m still a bit annoyed by the fact that the videos can only be viewed in HD if you go to Vimeos site. I’m considering moving them all to Youtube instead, but it’ll have to do for now. Or maybe I should host them all myself?

Vimeo quality..?

I’ve noticed that videos on Vimeo get slightly muted colors compared to the mp4 files I render out to disk. They look a bit dull. Not good. I’m trying to find some info on line if this can be corrected in some way. If not, I might have to try uploading them all to Youtube instead… :/

Spring update

Lately I’ve been back at Åkestam & Holst, helping them out with some motion design. Can’t show anything unfortunately, but soon I’ll upload some of the stuff I did for them a while back!